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how did this get good reviews

.i usualy go soft on movies cause i know whatt goes into making them but this is worse than the bill cosby colletion and that was bad. i mean when carl was talking his mouth wasnt moving,you just put a sound file over a picture. did you want the movie to be bad like this .i mean all you basically did for this movie was get a bunch of pictures and put sound files over them or animate them badly. did you make this bad on purpose just to be funny. if this is the case than its alright.but i cant believe this recieved all these good reviews.this deserves a 2 overall,mabeye a 3 but nothing higher than that

you should have made fun of someone else

dude perhaps if u used a different character it would have been funny but steve irwin man. people are gonna hate you for this. its not funny. the man just died .its a tragedy. the only part i though was funny were those voice overs but only because they were really cheesy.another thing is that i thought he was standing on land when he was in the ocean . i dont know if you meant for it to look like this. if you had just made fun of someone else this might not be turd of the week.but you probably dont care.

nice work son

this is very good. the art when red riding hood met her grandma wasnt all dat great but you made up for it with this cool picture of red riding hood near the end. i didnt understand why you used micheal jackson though. he had no signifigence in the movie. he was just there just to be there,no jokes about him or anything.no moonwalks or spins. any other charcter could simply be used instead of him.

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this was very good

This was a very good track . It had plenty of variety. it was very catchy to listen to and i could tell a substantial amount of effort was put into dis.i dont know why it got such a low score. 2.50. I think it was 4.00 material. it seems really proffessional.the drum patterns gave it a nice rhythm. hope to hear more from ya.

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